The Work Week as Told by Still The King GIFs

Is it Friday yet?

Every week, we go through the same cycle of emotions. Mondays are long, Wednesdays give us hope, Fridays set us free, and then after a long, relaxing weekend, we start all over again.

You know who else gets the struggles of the work week grind? The Still The King cast!

  1. Monday

    How is it already Monday again?

  2. Tuesday

    You made it through Monday, which felt like a whole week in itself, and you’re feeling really accomplished. And they you remember it’s only Tuesday.

  3. Wednesday

    Halfway there. You’re looking at Friday off in the distance, but it’s just so far away.

  4. Thursday

    We got this. One more day.

  5. Friday

    Cheers! You did it. Now appreciate the weekend because before you know it…

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