Brantley Gilbert Releases “The Weekend” In Time for Weekend

Song For Fans Who Mean Business on Days Off

Even though Brantley Gilbert is deep into his summer tour, and is a long way from the grind of a nine-to-five job, he’s pretty convincing as a guy who is just waiting on the weekend.

In his brand new song — “The Weekend” — Gilbert sings about how the end of the work week means so much to so many.

“When we hit the road this winter, we were rolling through the Midwest, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota,” Gilbert explained of the inspiration for the new tune, “and you see how hard people work, and how much they need to let it go when they get to Friday.

“I wanted to write a song that matched that intensity to kick back even harder than you work. That’s where ‘The Weekend’ comes from: all those people who came out and threw it down with us.”

All those people coming out to his shows and rocking hard, he added, they meant business.

Gilbert wrote the song with Andrew DeRobert, and it will be the first single from his upcoming album.

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