Martina McBride: On the Fringe and That’s OK

Says She Never Fit Into the Template

Martina McBride’s learned a thing or two in the 24 years since she released her debut album. And one of the most important lessons is to just follow what she loves.

Her new single “Just Around the Corner” – written by Sarah Buxton, Cary Barlowe and Sam Ellis – is just one example of a song that McBride knows may not be a huge radio hit, but she is fine with that.

“I love hearing my songs on the radio and I love having hits,” she said in a recent radio interview. “I feel like there is a big part of me that wants to be a commercial artist. I feel like when I look back at all the hits that I’ve had, they’ve sounded really different and unique for the time. So, I never really ever fit into that template where it was like this is what’s happening and I fit in.”

Her philosophy now, she says, is just to follow her heart and her artistic vision at the moment.

“I always sort of felt like my songs were a little on the fringe sonically and musically anyway,” she said. “I just try to follow what I love and I feel like that’s why we do have kind of a particular individuality and style.”

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