For Brad Paisley’s Sons, Film Scores Come First

Huck and Jasper Not Always Country Fans

I’m sure Brad Paisley’s sons Huck and Jasper love Brad Paisley songs. And yet, Paisley himself admits that they have a current obsession with a different kind of composer.

“I’m not sure if I’m raising them correctly or completely wrong,” Paisley admitted in a new Billboard story. “You know what they listen to more than anything? Film scores.”

Huck, 9, and Jasper, 7, apparently request movie soundtracks more than any other kind of music.

“They love like Star Wars and Indiana Jones — John Williams stuff — and The Dark Knight, Hans Zimmer,” he said. “My oldest is so obsessive about that stuff, it’s all he wants to listen to in the car.”

Paisley said that even during something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store, Huck will want to heighten the drama a little.

“What’s really funny about that is we’ll be going down the road, like driving to Whole Foods, and it sounds like it is high stakes. After, he’ll be like, ‘Put on Demi (Lovato)!’ and we’ll listen to her, but then it’s, ‘Let’s do The Flash!’”

One of the family’s friends has a boat in Marina del Rey, Paisley says, and during a recent outing, Huck asked for some music that kind of rocked the boat.

“We went out in the harbor, and (Huck) was like, ‘Can you play Jaws?’ It freaked the captain out so much that he came running. We had to turn it off.”

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