Carrie Underwood’s Son’s One Splash Worth a Million

Running the Numbers on Isaiah’s Belly Flop

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s 17-month-old son Isaiah has officially mastered the belly flop. There’s no denying that after watching the Instagram post of his cautious technique in their kiddie pool earlier this week.

But also noteworthy is his parents’ ability to share the tiny video of his tiny feat and together get a combined 912,500 likes.

Underwood posted it and had 831,000 likes, and Fisher did it for 81,500 likes. That adds up to almost a million.

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Summertime splashes! #bellyflop

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And I think what that means, when you really analyze the numbers, is that Isaiah is adorable and his parents know just how to share a little bit of their family with all of their fans.

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