Miranda Lambert Loves Chicago

Miranda Lambert is playing Chicago on Friday night (July 29), and I’m sure she’s just as thrilled as I am.

I know this because in a recent radio interview, Lambert said in no uncertain terms that Chicago is her kind of town.

“I love Chicago,” she said. “You know it’s always a great place to play. It’s funny because when you’re a country artist, it’s just how you can kind of see where there’s rednecks everywhere, and we all gather for this big event and it’s so cool to see people just come out and just escape.”

Even though she’s playing a massive amphitheatre this time, her favorite room in Chicago is 30 miles north and a little bit smaller.

“Joe’s Bar in Chicago is still one of my favorite all-time venues,” she revealed. “So I definitely try to throw (a show) in every couple years somehow because it’s just a great place. I love the owners and the atmosphere of Chicago.”

Those owners feel the same way about Lambert.

“Miranda, her band and her family are family to us,” the bar’s co-owner Ed Warm told me. “There’s never an agenda when we see each other. We all kind of grew up in the business at the same time.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.