RaeLynn: “Y’all Need to Leave the Kids Out of It”

New Song Hits Home for Divorcing Families

It’s not that kind of love triangle.

The average love triangle—you love him and he loves her—isn’t even half as sad as the one RaeLynn is singing about in her new tune “Love Triangle.”

Hers is about what happens to children during a divorce.

RaeLynn was three when her own parents divorced. And just like in the Reba McEntire/Kenny Chesney duet “Every Other Weekend,” she lived with her dad every other weekend.

“I always felt like I was stuck in between my parents, relaying information back and forth and walking on egg shells, not knowing what was going to trigger something to make them mad and not knowing what to say in front of them,” she revealed to Billboard Country Update. “I was feeling that way at like six and seven, you know, having all these emotions run through my head when I should have just been thinking about Barbie (dolls).

“My dad would pick me up every other Friday at 6 o’clock and drop me off every Sunday at 6 o’clock, and I remember those last couple hours, like around 4 o’clock, my dad would get kind of sad because he knew that he was about to not see me for two more weeks. At the time, I didn’t understand, but now being married, I can’t imagine going through that,” she recalled.

She has been singing the song at shows and on radio tours since she debuted a few years ago. And she’s even been asked to let it go by other artists who wanted to cut it.

“If someone wants to cut one of my songs, that’s fine, but not ‘Love Triangle,’” she admitted, adding that it is too special to let it go.

RaeLynn wrote the song with Jimmy Robbins and Nicolle Galyon, who told Billboard, “I would take a bullet for this song.”

Their hope for the song is that it will show divorcing parents what might be happening in their own homes, and work to make things easier on the kids caught in between. “I want this song to do that for a lot of kids and raise awareness to parents, that y’all need to handle your stuff and leave the kids out of it,” RaeLynn said.

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