The Fine Print on Jake Owen’s American Love

“I’m a Big Fan of Love,” He Writes

You almost need a magnifying glass to read the liner notes on Jake Owen’s new album, because he has so much to say and so little room to do it in.

But it’s definitely worth it to read his fine print.

“’American Love’ is all about loving one another. I found that ‘LOVE’ kept showing its face throughout this record. I am a big fan of Love, the way it makes me feel, and the way it can make others feel. …GOOD,” he wrote.

He also share these words of wisdom: We only get one life, so you gotta live it. We only get one heart, so you gotta give it.

Then there is the long list of everyone he is grateful for. God, for the life and the journey. His bus drivers, Mike and Scott. His team, past and present. And the fans, for lining up early and telling their friends and buying t-shirts and albums.

“Thanks to everyone that helped me through a tough time in my life,” Owen said. “This record has perfect timing. It makes me smile, laugh, cry, and most importantly PROUD.

“To anyone I forgot, I apologize. I promise you if you read this far into my liner notes it’s because you care about me and I love you dearly. Let’s rock this year, and smile a lot. I feel good. Jake.”

American Love lands Friday (July 29).

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