Chris Young Reveals His Toughest College Class

“I Would Be Like, ‘Please, No One Notice Me.’”

Generally, most college students hate those early morning classes, and Chris Young was one of them.

As a working musician attending Belmont University, he spent most of his time after class performing late nights in bars, making any early morning class a pain in the neck.

“I had like the worst time for music theory,” he recalls. “My music theory class was at eight o’clock in the morning, so it never failed – I would be there with big X’s on my hands from a show we played the night before, and I’d still smell like the bar. I would be like, ‘Please, no one notice me. I’ll just sit back here in the corner. Don’t call on me for anything.’”

However, if Belmont offered 8 a.m. fishing classes, that’s a different story.

“The only reason I ever wanna get up early is to go fishing and that’s pretty much it. That’s the only reason.”

Young joins Brad Paisley on the Life Well Amplified tour on Saturday (July 30) in Indianapolis. The I’m Coming Over tour picks up Aug. 5 in Missoula, Montana with one of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Tara Thompson.

His next single is the Vince Gill duet, “Sober Saturday Night.”

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