Garth Brooks Lets Master Take Over

Lee Brice Joins Him Onstage in Louisiana

At Garth Brooks’ Louisiana show this weekend (July 29), Lee Brice played a short acoustic set before Brooks took the stage.

Then later – and even better – the two artists teamed up for a song that Brice had written for Brooks a decade ago.

“I remember getting a call from a retailer during my time with my babies,” Brooks told the crowd as he brought Brice back to the stage. “They wanted to know if ’We can go in the vault and do anything.’ I said, ’Well, there is one song written by this new kid in Nashville.'”

“So, Lee Brice had this song called ’More Than A Memory’ that he had written,” he continued. “And there’s a thing in Nashville – this has never happened to you, it happens to me all the time – but you’ll hear the demo of the song, and you realize you’ll never be able to sing it that good.

“So I’m gonna have my stab at it and then I’m gonna let the master take over.”

Brooks sang the first part of the 2007 hit song, then let Brice take over.

“One of my favorite nights on a stage ever,” Brice tweeted after the show.

But it was not the first time on this world tour that Brooks has invited Brice to sing with him. They did the same thing in January 2015, 17 years after Brice had seen his first Brooks concert.

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