RaeLynn Sings Her Truth in “Love Triangle”

Sheds Tears in Emotional New Video

RaeLynn is ready to speak her truth.

In her newest single “Love Triangle,” the singer-songwriter opens up about the struggle of living through the divorce of her parents and the difficulty of being caught in the middle.

And although songs about divorce have been written before hers, she told People magazine this one was different.

“They’ve always been about the parents,” she says. “They’ve never been from the kid’s perspective.”

RaeLynn also told the magazine that shooting the video was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but that it was worth it.

“I wanted to come out with a song that was 100-percent me, and something more raw, because I want people to know that I’m not just a girl who sings fun, sappy songs, or just a bubbly girl. I’ve been through a few things, and I know how it feels to go through tough life experiences and I wanted to show that in my music.”

As for her own marriage with Joshua Davis, RaeLynn told the mag, “divorce is not an option.”

“It will never be, because I believe that love is hard work.”

Watch the emotional video below.

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