Still The King Ep. 110 GIF Recap: Back On Top [SPOILERS]

Miniature Sharks Are Real

On the recent episode of Still The King, everyone got a taste of the good life. We finally see Vernon get the biggest gig of the season, and Debbie makes it right with Ronnie after cheating on him. Let’s examine the episode in GIFs.

  1. Vernon runs into country star, Trayne Crostown (John Corbett), and gets invited to his show.

  2. Trayne is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, sticking his hand in a miniature shark tank.

  3. Vernon and Trayne perform together, which serves as tempting reminder of the fame Vernon left behind.

  4. Meanwhile, Ronnie joins Debbie at the hot tub store.

  5. Debbie’s dreams come true when she reclaims her position as the Pool and Spa Depot spokesmodel.

  6. As for Charlotte, she gets the biggest prize of all — to hug her dad for the first time. Awe!

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