The 125 Behind Dierks Bentley’s Black

Everyone Who Had Anything to Do with Bentley’s Latest

It takes a village.

A village of about 125 people to put together an album as solid and a tour as strong as Dierks Bentley did this year.

And he’s in the center of it all.

So his new video effort – “Behind Black: The Anatomy of the Album & Tour” – showcases everyone around him who had anything to do with it.

The innermost circle around Bentley is dubbed Team Dude, and it starts with his oldest daughter Evie. Then his wife Cassidy, his daughter Jordan and his son Knox who all have good things to say about him.

Actually, not Knox. He’s kind of crying through his interview, and is very reluctant to take part. Until his big sisters join him for a “Somewhere on a Beach” singalong, you can finally see his smile come out from behind his blond hair.

Then there’s The Album circle of folks. A lot of record label people, session musicians, and songwriters – so many songwriters.

Even Kelly Henderson, Bentley’s groomer, has a chance to talk about her part in the process, making sure his hair and makeup always look good. When he looks his best, she explains, that usually means she’s somewhere nearby.

After that, there are the people of The Tour – guys like Jay Ballinger, who has been with Bentley for 10 years. He started as his drum tech, when they played in crappy bars, and now he is the tour’s production manager, which means he does everything from the big stuff down to the little details like vacuuming the stage rugs to making sure there is ice on the bus.

“He’s as true as they come,” Ballinger says of his friend and boss. This is also the circle where you’ll find Bentley’s merch guy, his band of brothers road band and all of his show openers.

Last but not least is The Community. That means almost everyone who helped Bentley get the music to the masses. CMT’s Leslie Fram and Cody Alan are in there, along with some country radio bosses and some media friends.

In a press release about the new project, Bentley said it was a way to give a little credit to all the people who work so hard to help make his dreams come true.

“At some point during the middle of our album release and tour rehearsals, I made the comment that I really wish we had been capturing all the people involved in making all the pieces come together because I don’t think the fans truly understand who all is behind their favorite song on the record or what it took to build the airplane that crashes on to the stage during our live show. I’m so grateful to the village of people it took,” Bentley said.

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