Luke Bryan Defines His Art

He Knows Exactly What He’s Good At

Who’s to say what makes one artist better at his craft?

Or worse, what makes an artist not artistic enough?

It’s all so subjective, and yet, Luke Bryan knows that not everyone sees it that way.

“Do I get judged on not being as artistic as the next artist? Maybe,” Bryan told Willie Geist on Sunday’s (July 31) Today show.

“My art is the ability to get people together and make them have a good time,” he laughs, “to the point where they may not even have meant to have had such a good time.”

The nine-minute segment takes Bryan down memory lane, and back to his Georgia childhood. “We were as country as kids could be country but somehow, N.W.A and Beastie Boys made it into our world,” he said of his multi-genre influences.

When he finally did move to Nashville after college, and started as a songwriter, Bryan admits that that career path would have been just fine with him.

But he had a bit of a higher calling.

“I felt that given the right scenario, I had the ability to really entertain some people,” Bryan said. “And I was always kind of shooting for that chance.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.