Why Brad Paisley Has a College Crush

Timing Is Just Right for Upcoming Fall Tour

On Sunday’s (Aug. 7) Country Countdown USA, Brad Paisley casually mentioned to radio host Lon Helton that, yes, he’ll be doing another college tour this fall.

“We’ll hit another bunch of schools and play shows and sing for college kids,” Paisley said. “I always like that because they are the best audience you can play for.”

He explained that he likes it because college kids are so impressionable and are at an age when they are truly absorbing the music. And then there’s the love.

“It’s sort of that first time in your life when you really fall in love with music,” he said. “College, for some reason, is that moment. High school is one thing, but you don’t stay with your high school crush when it comes to music. You stay with your college crush.”

Paisley also talked about the new album he’s making — featuring his Demi Lovato duet “Without a Fight” — and said there will definitely be love songs. Just not the kinds you’ve heard before.

“It has a lot of songs about a life, and there’s a song about divorce, and a couple love songs that are really neat,” he said. “That’s the challenge in writing love songs. It’s very hard because anybody can write, ’You are beautiful, you make my life complete,’ so how do you say that again without saying, ’You are beautiful, you make my life complete’?”

If anyone can, it’s Paisley.