Justin Moore: “When It Was Done, It Was Done”

He Says Kinda Don’t Care Is Country Country Music

Justin Moore says in his liner notes that his new album Kinda Don’t Care — set for release Friday (Aug. 12) — is meant to be a feel-good record.

But it is so much more than that.

When you listen, you will feel good. But you’ll also feel regret, heartache, courage and nostalgia. It’s all in this album, especially the title track, written by Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman and Ben Hayslip.

“It was good to just take a deep breath and try to see where we wanted to go next with our music,” Moore said in a recent radio interview. “This music on this album, there’s a really good combination of things like ‘You Look Like I Need a Drink’ — which is pretty much right down my alley — and stuff that’s a little bit different for us, which is something we have to continue to push ourselves to do.”

He said he wanted fans to listen to the music and think, “OK, it’s Justin,” but he added that he wanted them to also think, “Man, I need some country country music.”

And that’s exactly what this album is.

“We took as much time as we needed to finish (the album). No timeline. When it was done, it was done,” Moore writes in the liner notes, calling it the most complete album he’s ever made.

“Be better tomorrow than you are today. Love, laugh, and really live with all those you’re close to. Beyond that, crank it up and Kinda Don’t Care.”

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