Everything You Need to Know Before the Still The King Finale

Vernon's Going Down, But Will He Take Everyone Down With Him?

We’ve seen a lot of ups and down for Vernon Brown on Season 1 of Still The King. He’s crashed, burned and everything in between, and he’s taken his former flame Debbie and daughter Charlotte along for the crazy ride.

Before Sunday’s hour-long finale, we’d advise doing a quick refresher on everything that’s happened so far this season.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

  1. Crash

    Stealing a bread truck and plowing it in to a church is never a good idea. After a brief stint in jail, Vernon met his parole officer Doily, who informed him he had a 15-year-old daughter and he owed her mother Debbie a boatload of money.

  2. Father/Daughter Bonding

    To help right his wrongs, Vernon is forced to do community service at the church he crashed in to. Instead, Vernon pretends to be the church’s new preacher and enlists his buddy Walt to do his service work. After finally making a child support payment, Vernon gets to spend some one-on-one time with Charlotte. Debbie was not thrilled about it.

  3. The Real Preacher

    As Vernon’s luck would have it, the real new preacher showed up just as he was giving his first sermon. But don’t worry, Walt came to the rescue.

  4. Busted

    Thanks to Mabel’s sleuthing, Charlotte uncovered her dear ol’ dad’s little lie. But don’t worry, she knows how to keep a secret.

  5. The County Fair

    On an impromptu family trip to the county fair, Charlotte learned about the night her parents met and how she was conceived. While Charlotte may have been horrified, we sensed a spark between Vernon and Debbie.

  6. Growing Closer

    After surviving a small near-death experience and a run-in with Vernon’s runaway mom, Vernon and Charlotte started to really feel like family.

  7. The Lake

    After a rowdy day on the lake, Vernon and Debbie relived the night they first met, this time using a boat instead of a porta potty.

  8. The Hug

    Finally, things were going right for Vernon. His relationship with Debbie was heating up (despite the fact that she was still living with her boyfriend Ronnie) and he and Charlotte had their first hug.

  9. The Downfall

    After one too many cups of “backwash,” Vernon let his bruised ego get the better of him and tried to upstage his former opener Trayne Crostown. That did not end well.

  10. Crash Part 2

    Apparently, Vernon has a thing for kicking himself when he’s down. After being thrown out of Trayne’s concert, Vernon continued to booze himself straight into a human hamster ball, and bowled through Charlotte’s boyfriend’s concert.

After Vernon’s latest incident, neither Charlotte nor Debbie want anything to do with him. Will he be able to clean up the giant mess he made?

Find out on the hour-long season finale of Still The King this Sunday (August 14) at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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