Eric Church: Earbuds In, Emotion Out

The Commitment You Make to Vinyl

The problem with digital music is that things can kind of get lost. Things like emotion.

In a recent radio interview, Eric Church talked about how important vinyl records are to him and what can happen when you only listen to music digitally.

“There are a lot of people out there that forgot how good vinyl, or the way that it was recorded, sounds,” Church said. “We’re so much in earbuds and iPhones and all these ways we listen, we forget that music was more than just a backbeat or more than just 120 bpms. It’s emotional, dynamic. I think that vinyl is the best interpretation that we have.”

He goes on to say that vinyl is about escapism and much different from the 99-cent downloads the majority of people are listening to.

“I mean, we make music so rushed now. It’s so frenetic. I never view music that way. I’ve always viewed it as a way to escape from what’s going on,” he said. “For me, when you put a needle in vinyl, you’re committed. You’re in. You’re in until that’s done, and then you can either flip the record or try something else, but you’re in.

“And I think that that escapism — that getting away from the world — is something that I think society is longing for.”

In his latest No. 1 song “Record Year,” Church says there’s a line about “slowly planning my survival in a 3-foot stack of vinyl” that rings true for him.

“I’ve done that where you take your records out and go,‘OK by the time I get to the bottom of this stack, I’m gonna be better or worse, and this is where I’m heading,'” he said. “The great thing about music is, it can become a point of therapy and healing.”

Fans can top off their own stacks of vinyl with Church’s Mr. Misunderstood LP.

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