Bueller? Bueller? Jake Owen’s Elevator Ride With Fame

That Time He Shared an Elevator with Matthew Broderick

When Jake Owen called in to Chicago country radio station WUSN this week, he did talk a little bit about his new album American Love. But first, there was that moment when he got caught with Ferris Bueller.

And it was his most interesting elevator ride story.

“I did get caught in an elevator one time with Ferris Bueller,” he said of Matthew Broderick’s iconic character from the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

“It was hilarious,” Owen recalled. “And what was even funnier was Jamey Johnson was in that same elevator. We were all having a long, late night in L.A., and we got on the elevator, and all the sudden the elevator opened and in walked Matthew Broderick. And he looks at us like, ‘OK. What did I just get myself into?'”

He also talked about getting his wallet stolen – right out of his backpack – in Chicago when he was in town for his very first radio tour when his debut album Startin’ With Me came out ten years ago on July 25, 2006.

And then he voiced his opinion on whether or not guys can use gift cards at restaurants on first dates.

“No. No way. You cannot use a gift card on a first date. I feel bad for men out there who don’t know that’s not cool. You can’t give the rest of us guys a bad name,” Owen said, adding, like a perfect gentleman, “That’s probably the guy who doesn’t open the door for her either.”