Jerrod Niemann’s New Secret Weapon

Shares the Talent Behind His Curb Debut

Walking into a room to the new Jerrod Niemann music on full blast will make anyone want to dance. And he’s excited for fans to discover one of his new songwriting collaborators behind the edgy new sound.

“There’s this new guy in town,” Niemann says. “His name is Luke Dick. I think he’s a secret weapon.”

At the moment, country music made by Dick is a pretty hot commodity for its distinctive syncopated feel and new wave attitude. He is among the co-writers behind the new Eric Church single “Kill a Word,” “Magic” on Kip Moore’s Wild Ones, “Graffiti” on the Cadillac Three’s Bury Me in My Boots, “Still Yours” on Ryan Beaver’s Rx and “All the Way to Me” and “Roses and a Time Machine” on Dierks Bentley’s Black.

Clearly, it’s a sound that Music Row digs as much as Niemann does. “I can tell we listen to similar things on our own time,” he says. “He records in his garage and I record in my basement. I just really love his music. Two out of the four songs I recorded yesterday were his.”

Niemann has a nice tan going for our interview after soaking up roughly 20 hours of summer sun a day while fishing for salmon and a buzz in Alaska. He scrolls through an old iPhone to cue up some of the new material after his previous phone got waterlogged on the trip. It was a valuable lesson learned. Some moments in nature just aren’t meant to be documented.

An acoustic-led melody, colorful psychedelic vocals, vibraphone and finger snaps kick off one of the Dick tracks Niemann plays through his old iPhone. It’s a breezy feel good number that has him sing-talking like Beck about living a happy shore life, getting halfway to drunk and sharing smoke with friends. He also played a new Friday night anthem in the works with special guests Diamond Rio.

“I love turning people onto other music, bands and songwriters,” Niemann says. “I know when we were growing up, it felt like the best way to discover new music was word-of-mouth because everybody is excited to turn somebody onto something else that made them feel something inside.”

The taste of the new music Niemann has coming definitely flows in a similar vein as his current Lee Brice collaboration, “A Little More Love.” The longtime friends are now labelmates after Niemann joined Curb Records this spring.

“Lee is so incredibly passionate about music,” Niemann adds. “We’re always sending each other songs for no other reason but just to say, ‘Hey, check out this song I wrote’ – not to pitch music to him or him pitch music to me. It’s just to share an excitement for music. It feels good to be around healthy and passionate people.”

While a release date for Niemann’s Curb debut hasn’t been announced, fans can expect to hear organic instrumentation and experimentation with different subject matters on the next project.

“What’s cool is I only wrote just a few songs on this new album,” he says. “I just felt like I hadn’t written a whole lot because I’ve been on the road so much. But getting to produce your own albums and interpret other people’s music is awesome.”

Niemann is currently on the road through the fall. His next show is Friday (Aug. 12) in Jordan, New York.

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.