Dierks Bentley: The Perks of Hosting

Backstage Perspective Was Best Part of ACM Awards

In a new interview with Canada’s Entertainment Tonight, Dierks Bentley revealed what he really loved about hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards back in April.

The best parts, he said, were hanging with his co-host Luke Bryan, the sweet dressing room set they had with a TV, a bar and air conditioning and the ability to watch his country music friends take the stage to perform.

“Seeing the bands before they walk onstage — giving Little Big Town high fives as they were getting ready to go out there and sing their song, and on their way back in being like, ’You guys killed it. It was so good.’ Just kind of having that unique access to watching other bands do their thing,” Bentley said of what made that night so special for him.

So special, in fact, that it sounds like he’s hoping the ACM will extend the hosting invitation again.

“If they asked me,” Bentley said, “I would definitely say yes.”

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