Brett Eldredge: “Stop and Eat the Dirt”

A Conversation with Edgar Eldredge

Puppies are adorable. That much is obvious. But when you combine one puppy with one country star who loves his puppy, your head will kind of explode with cuteness.

When Brett Eldredge was getting ready for his show at Watershed Fest recently, he had his new puppy Edgar shadow him for the day.

Eldredge taught the dog to start the morning fresh with a good balanced breakfast (“Peanut butter, oatmeal, doggie food, blueberries”), then the importance of a healthy workout (“We gotta put fitness first, OK?”), and then he gave him a tour of the stage and the catwalk.

“Tonight, it’s gonna all go down right here,” Eldredge tells Edgar. “There’s gonna be thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people here looking for you.”

Making things even cuter are the mid-conversation face lickings, the youthful barks, and Eldredge having to slow his roll when Edgar decides to get a taste of the dirt road.

“You gotta stop and eat the dirt every once and a while, too, that’s fine,” he tells the puppy.

By showtime, Eldredge has Edgar in some kind of BABYBJÖRN while he’s singing.

He should enjoy that while it lasts, and let him be little, because pretty soon the Weimaraner will weigh about 75 lbs.

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