Front Porch Visiting With Drake White

New Album Spark Lands Aug. 19

The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms has 506 pages of idiomatic phrases, and it’s pretty safe to say that Drake White knows most of the Southern ones. His head and his new album, Spark, are full of them.

“That dog’ll hunt,” he says. “That’s when you just bought a 1976 Scottsdale Chevrolet truck. Your dad will look at you, and when he hears it run, and it’s sitting there purring, he’ll go, ‘Well, that dog will hunt,’ meaning it’ll run.”

Then there’s this gem: “‘That girl’s finer than a frog hair split six ways.’ That means she’s smokin’. She’s fine.”

White could go on for forever.

“Have you heard of the one like before you take a test in high school or college? ‘Man, I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.’ That’s pretty nervous.”

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