Still The King Recap: Season 1 Two-Part Finale [SPOILERS]

We Were Left With So Many Questions

Although Season 1 of Still The King has come to an end, that doesn’t mean it’s over.

The two-part finale, Only The Lonely and The Beginning of The End of The Beginning, left so many unanswered questions, there’s bound to be so much more craziness to be had in the recently confirmed Season 2.

I can tell you this much; the writers’ room is already open for Season 2, and I’m hearing they’re really turning things up with more crazy. But, I digress. Let’s take a look at the season finale and the questions we have.

  1. Debbie finds out Vernon hooked up with her arch nemesis.

  2. Debbie wants noting to do with Vernon. Will they ever get together?

  3. After heart-broken Vernon drunkenly overturns a taco truck and goes to jail, he gets bailed out by way of his BFF, Walt.

  4. Meanwhile, Debbie barfs during her first commercial shoot as the Spa Depot Girl. She’s pregnant. But with whose baby?

  5. Vernon says goodbye again to his daughter, Charlotte, as he decides to skip town. How will this young girl handle abandonment again?

  6. Before Vernon can leave, he gets handcuffed at the church where he confesses to the congregation. Funny how tables turn. Is there any chance he can try to kick start his career again?

  7. Later, Ronnie’s newly acquired boat goes up in flames on the lake, and with him in it. Did Ronnie get out of the exploding boat in time, or is he dead?

    still the king_boat explosion

  8. The season ends with Vernon using the explosion as the perfect distraction, and runs away. Where’s he going? Will he get caught, again? So many questions!

Before Season 2 premieres (TBD), watch the entire season on VOD, online and on the CMT App. And, follow the show by visiting and the show’s official Facebook page and on Twitter using #StillTheKing.

You can also watch the bite-size versions of the finale below. Enjoy!

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