What’s on Kellie Pickler’s Bucket List?

What Will She Do Next?

We saw Kellie Pickler and her husband Kyle Jacobs do lots of crazy things on Season 1 of I Love Kellie Pickler. They chased chickens, flew in helicopters, raced cars and even survived a real haunted house.

Rumor has it, Kellie and Kyle are looking to cross a few more things off their “bucket list” on Season 2, which premieres Thursday (Aug. 25).

While we can’t tell you what exactly Kellie and Kyle have up their sleeves for us on the new season, we did sneak a peek at their individual bucket lists. Check out what these two dream of doing, and let us know what’s on yours.

Kellie’s Bucket List

• Pilot’s license
• Motorcycle license
• Scuba certified
• See the world
• See the Northern Lights
• Go on a Safari
• Whitewater rafting

Kyle’s Bucket List

• Dropped off by helicopter at the top of a mountain and navigate all the way down
• Spelunking /cave diving
• See the most beautiful waterfalls in the world
• Go to Rome and experiencing the Vatican

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