Miranda Lambert’s Meet & Greet Gets Romantic

Young Boy Gets Down on One Knee to Propose

I’m sure this isn’t the first marriage proposal Miranda Lambert’s had at a meet and greet, and I’m sure it won’t be her last.

But no one will ever top how well done this one was.

It looks like Sebastian is a gentleman so in love with the singer that he came ready to prove it on Saturday (Aug. 20), when Lambert was opening at Kenny Chesney’s New Jersey tour stop.

She’s in a black tank, black tights, black booties and cut offs. He was wearing an oversized Keeper of the Flame t-shirt, tennis shoes and a ball cap. And when he got down on one knee with the little velvet box, there was no hiding Lambert’s joy over the little boy’s gesture.

Lambert slipped that pink ring on her engagement ring finger, and posted pictures showing it off right away, saying, “I said YES! But he has to wait 25 years. This sweet boy Sebastian is a little gentleman. #pinkring #proposal #mademyday #jersey #spreadthelovetour”

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