Florida Georgia Line’s New Album: Zero Skips in 15 Songs

Making Sure You Don’t Miss a Thing

There are 15 tracks on Florida Georgia Line’s new album Dig Your Roots, due out Friday (Aug 26).

And the band’s intention is that fans will listen to every single one.

“We’ve still got the party songs, we’ve got the feel good songs, the life songs, the sad songs,” the band’s Tyler Hubbard said in a recent radio interview. “We’ve kind of got it all on this album. That’s something we always take pride in from album one to now — just making sure that there’s not a song on there that you want to hit skip. “And I think we’ve done that on this album, for sure.”

Part of the album’s diversity comes from the collaborations inside and out of country music. There is the duet with Tim McGraw on “May We All,” then with the Backstreet Boys on “God, Your Mama and Me” and even one with Ziggy Marley, Bob Marley’s oldest son, called “Life Is a Honeymoon.”

Hubbard adds that this album is a little deeper than their first couple.

“I think the fans can expect to get to know BK (Brian Kelley) and I a little bit more intimately over this album,” Hubbard said. “Also, there’s something for everybody.”

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