Tim McGraw Urges Fans to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

The "Love and Support Louisiana" Effort

I wasn’t surprised when Tim McGraw made a video asking his fans and followers to help with the efforts to get Louisiana out from under water.

“This is Tim McGraw. My home state of Louisiana has been devastated for the second time this year by terrible floods. Please join the relief efforts by donating to many worthwhile causes,” he asks in the simple video he posted on social media.

McGraw grew up in Start, a small town north of where the devastating floods hit. More than seven trillion gallons of water fell in Louisiana and Mississippi resulting in lives lost, homes lost and millions of dollars in agricultural losses.

Since 1994, McGraw has held multiple Swampstock music festivals in Rayville, Louisiana, for charitable causes throughout his home state. Ten years after he started, the organizer of the festival Angie Wisenor said, “He is one generous soul.”

And McGraw added, “I was lucky enough to grow up in a place where people are real people, and they take care of each other and each other’s kids.”

To donate to the worthwhile causes as McGraw suggests, you can choose from any of the groups on the list compiled by CNN, looking for people to give their time and/or money.

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