Ronnie Dunn and Reba: Collaborating Again

Airstreams and New Music Fuel His Creative Side

Ronnie Dunn and Reba McEntire have a duet on his upcoming album Tattooed Heart. It’s called “Still Feels Like Mexico.”

But even outside the recording studio, it sounds like the two stars are collaborating in other ways.

Dunn admitted in a new radio interview that Reba called him recently for a favor.

“She calls one day out of the blue and she says, ‘Hey, I bought an Airstream, would you get your guys and would you guys go in and design and do the Airstream for me?’ So, I took ten steps back and took a deep breath and dove into it, and it’s almost finished, and we’ve had a blast doing it.”

The only thing he has left to do on Reba’s toaster on wheels is polish the outside. And he says he has two more vintage Airstreams (he is not a fan of the new ones) in his backyard that he is hanging on to for himself.

“It’s a great creative outlet,” Dunn said.

Which is kind of how the singer looks at his new music, too.