Dierks Bentley: Performing for Fans Is What He Loves

"It's Such a High," He Says

There is a recurring theme in the new feature story on Dierks Bentley from Esquire.

It’s that he loves performing music live.

The story covers other topics just fine, but the conversation seems to come back to the touring life every chance Bentley gets.

He admits that in the beginning, it was good, even when he was just playing for the free beer.

“But I think there was a time when I viewed records more as a way to further my career as far as the tour,” he says. “The albums were really like the jet fuel for the plane, and the plane was the tour.”

Eventually, though, Bentley says he realized the albums could be albums and the tours could be tours. He tried not to write a song that would be good for the stage, or find album titles that would work as tour titles.

And that division of the two has worked well for him. So much so, Bentley recently added new shows to his summer tour, so now he has 21 more nights to be on the stage he loves so much.

“I’m at the point now where it’s like, I love what I do out there so much, it really would take a lot to ever pull me away from that,” he said. “I really can’t tell you the feeling I feel like, being on stage, it’s such a high. It’s like running a marathon. You just can’t get that feeling anywhere else. So it would take a lot to pull me away from that.”

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