Justin Moore Threatens Misbehaving Fan

Gives Him the "If You Ever" Speech

Justin Moore, Jeremy Stover, and Brian Maher wrote a song for Moore’s debut album called “I Could Kick Your Ass.” It’s always been a favorite of mine.

Probably because of the irony of these threatening lyrics — “I could kick your ass, I could jack your jaw/Put you flat in the dirt boy, yeah I’d have a ball/So go ahead and act tough, like you’re John Wayne’s son/But things can change fast, I can kick your ass” — is coming from one of the nicest guys in the music business.

But now I’m starting to think Moore really can get tough when he needs to.

At a Chicago-area show on Thursday (Aug. 25) at Joe’s Live, Moore saw something happening in the crowd that he did not like. A man was throwing something at a woman.

So Moore got down close to the man and told him what could happen next.

“Hey, hey, hey! Look at me! If you ever throw anything at a woman at another one of my shows,” Moore says, “I’m gonna beat the (expletive) out of you.”

The show was part of the Bud Light Party Convention, and Moore shared the bill with rapper Lil Jon.