Twitter Reacts to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team Season Premiere

"I mean, I guess things just happen. We all pee."

This season, the fans of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team took to Twitter for the season premiere tweeting on everything from the pee incident to the integral role of the security guard.

Let’s examine the topics of discussion, in retrospect.

  1. Our watch parties are better than your watch parties.

  2. Fan girling over the ladies.

  3. How everyone feels while watching auditions, in emojis…

  4. Learning something new.

  5. And, trying to solve DCC mysteries.

  6. 10 points for the security guard’s creativity.

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  7. Weighing in on the awkward pee situation.

  8. Access Hollywood’s Anthony Ramos slaying at being a judge.

  9. Neal McCoy’s reaction to being cropped out of Meredith’s photo.

  10. Emily Ferguson feeling our pain.

  11. You know, Emily from Bachelor in Paradise. Hello!

  12. Oh, and this dog. Can we please see her audition?!

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