14 Times Kellie Pickler Was All of Us

She Just Gets It.

On the surface, you might think you and Kellie Pickler don’t have a lot in common.

She charmed the whole country on American Idol, she cha-cha-ed her way to winning the mirror ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars, and she’s won more awards than she can carry for her catchy country music.

But even after all of her amazing accomplishments, Kellie Pickler is still the lovable southern gal she was before she set foot on the Idol stage.

On I Love Kellie Pickler, we’ve seen exactly how much we have in common with the bubbly blonde.

Here are our favorite #ILoveKP moments that made us go, “that is so us.”

  1. When she was a little terrified to bungee jump.

  2. When she got a little too excited about being on Family Feud

  3. When she knew sometimes you have to cheat to win.

  4. When she had the perfect response.

  5. When she knew the key to getting a man.

  6. When she admitted ghosts are a little freaky.

  7. When she said what everyone was thinking about living with men.

  8. When she knew the key to a perfect weekend.

  9. When she knew exactly what to say to get someone else to do the heavy lifting.

  10. When she had appropriate standards for Christmas decor.

  11. When she was a little suspicious of Siri.

  12. When she wasn’t exactly sure of the words to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

  13. When she didn’t have time for selfies and social media.

  14. When she was very careful about who she placed her trust in.

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