Luke Bryan on His 15th Nashversary

“You Never Forget Those Days”

Fifteen years ago today, Luke Bryan moved to Nashville.

On September 1, 2001, he packed up his things and headed north out of Leesburg, Georgia.

So when he was in Chicago on Saturday (Aug. 27) about to play for roughly 40,000 people, I asked him to compare that kind of show to the ones in his early days.

“Every level of this business I’ve been in, I have really loved,” Bryan said.

“Like I think about the times I played Joe’s on Weed Street for less than 1,000 people and walked in through that back alley and had a blast in there. You never forget those days.

“I was doing it back then because I loved it. It was a blast, and it’s the same thing now.”

He said he is having just as much fun now as when he first took the smaller stages. And that’s how he expects it will always be … until it’s not.

“I mean, the day that I am up there and I am not the giddiest person in the room, it’s time for me to start slowing down,” he said.

Bryan says that for him, being the one onstage is really just like being the host of a party. A really, really big party.

“It’s like I’m hosting a fun night for people,” he said. “And that’s kind of how I grew up. When my dad was the host and he’d cook dinner for you, it’d be a 10-course meal. I love hosting these nights because I love watching people enjoy themselves.

“But nobody’s having more fun than me.”