Florida Georgia Line Live to Sing Another Day

A Look Behind the Scenes From “May We All”

I don’t know which video I like more — the new “May We All” video from Florida Georgia Line, or the “May We All” behind-the-scenes video where they share what was really going on during the shoot.

They’re both very, very cool.

The video itself is like a short film. It’s about two late model stock car racing brothers and their friend/coach/mechanic/financial backer, played by Tim McGraw. He tells Brian Kelley he’s lucky to even be able to race his car because, “You drive reckless.” And he’s right, obviously, because by the end of it, there is a fiery rescue scene — and it’s scary as hell.

But in the behind-the-scenes video, Kelley, McGraw and Tyler Hubbard share what it was like to be part of a video where they aren’t singing, just acting.

When Hubbard says he’s just learning from the pros — presumably McGraw and director TK McKamy — McGraw jokes that he’s learning, too.

“I’m learning everything I can. I’m soaking it all up,” McGraw says. “Soaking some of that Florida Georgia Line sunshine up.”

Then before shooting the second race scene, Hubbard quotes the 2006 film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, saying “If you ain’t first, you’re last, so I took care of business.”

The song, written by Rodney Clawson and Jamie Moore, is not really about stock car racing. But it is about growing up in that red, white and blue small town America and doing everything a little bit better than the first time.

But then there is that lyric at the end of the song, about may we all get the have a chance to ride the fast one and walk away wiser when we crashed one.

Hence the crash scene.

But don’t worry, Hubbard is OK in the end.

As he says, “We lived to sing another day.”

The video was shot at the Tennessee National Raceway in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

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