Carrie Underwood: “Congratulations? What Is It?”

CMA Nominations Lead to Text Confusion

When Carrie Underwood woke up to all the text messages about her Country Music Association Award nomination for entertainer of the year, she was about three hours behind Nashville.

She was in Alaska on Aug. 31 when the nominations were announced. So when everyone else found out, Underwood was still asleep.

“I first got the news about the CMA nominations when I woke up,” Underwood recalls in a new radio interview. “I’d forgotten for that moment, and I woke up to all these text messages and voice messages, saying congratulations. And I was like ‘Congratulations? What is it?’”

What makes her so proud to be in that entertainer of the year category for the first time is this year’s tour.

“We’ve been just putting together just the best tours,” she said, “and (we) worked so hard for a long time and I’m especially proud of the Storyteller tour. I’m just beyond excited, and I’m humbled, and thankful for that nomination.”

Underwood tweeted later that morning, “This morning I feel happy, excited, blessed, surprised, humbled, & incredibly thankful. Nothing like waking up to great news! @CountryMusic”

Underwood will join Brad Paisley for the 9th year to host the CMA Awards live from Nashville on Nov. 2.