Carrie Underwood’s Tomboy Years

Nine Years of Softball vs. Singing

Carrie Underwood played softball for nine years.

Let that sink in a little.

The always-glamorous girly girl everyone knows and loves was a bit of a tomboy before her singing career started to take off.

“We played slow pitch in the summer. I played fast-pitch for a little bit in high school,” she says in a new story from People, “but I ended up having to quit the team because I kept missing practices due to my singing. I think I made the right choice! But I’m so glad I got those years playing.”

She admits that she wishes she could have found the time to play longer.

“Everyone reaches a point in their life where they have to choose,” she said, “like I did, but if things are just kind of hard, that’s another thing that might be in our society now is the urge to quit.”

Underwood added that she wasn’t necessarily an awesome athlete, but that she learned a lot of a lot of life lessons from the sport.

“There was such camaraderie,” she said, “all the lessons we learned — it was great to be able to learn how to win together, learn how to lose together, learn how to support each other and play up each other’s strengths and help each other. It just seemed like a really great thing to be involved in, giving some confidence to young ladies at a really important time in their lives.”

Fast forward a decade or so, and now Underwood says that running around after her toddler Isaiah and running around on stage are her sports. And from the looks of things, that kind of work out is definitely working out.

"I'll take the dirt road…it's all I know. I've been walking it for years, it's gone where I need to go…" ❤️

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