Jana Kramer Says “Hear Us Roar”

Dancing With the Stars’ Newest Country Girl Talks Single Motherhood

Just a few weeks after Jana Kramer’s separation from her husband — former NFL player Michael Caussin — she signed on for the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

The timing of that works for Kramer, because she is trying to balance work and family like so many other single moms have to do every day.

“It’s definitely hard just because we’re so busy with rehearsals and being on tour and also wanting to spend time with Jolie,” Kramer told People about her 7-month-old baby girl. “I’m trying to manage it the best that I can and show single moms out there that we can do it. We can do it all, hear us roar.”

On the DWTS dance floor, though, Kramer won’t be going it alone. She has been paired up with Gleb Savchenko.

“I hit the jackpot with my partner,” Kramer said.

“This is something so new, obviously for me, and it’s so fun to dive right in and learn something new.”

The feeling is mutual for Savchenko.

“She’s a mother of a 7-month-old baby. She’s on tour. She’s doing Dancing With the Stars. Learning all those qualities about her inspires me,” he said, “and I wanna do my best to teach her.”

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