Brooke Eden Shines in “Diamonds”

Powerhouse Vocalist Releases "Diamonds" Lyric Video

Brooke Eden knows you don’t need actual diamonds to shine.

Class and a little bit of sass mixed with a devil-may-care attitude make up what it takes to turn heads. Eden herself knows a thing or two about stopping traffic. Her brilliant smile and bubbly personality enter a room before she does.

And she knows the scenario in this song so well, too. It’s part of her story.

“I grew up in a small town,” the Florida native says. “On the weekends we couldn’t necessarily have house parties because they would get shut down even before it started because of noise complaints.”

“Instead,” she added, “we would drive out to the woods and hang out using the headlights from our cars as lights. All the girls would get real dressed up and we’d listen to music and dance around in the headlights, ‘shining like diamonds.’”

The song will also leave you with a hefty dose of wisdom. My favorite lyrical reminder was “it ain’t about where you are, it’s where you’re going.”

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