Jason Aldean and Kelsea Ballerini’s New Breakup Anthem

Buckle Up and Get Ready for Lonely in “First Time Again”

Breaking up is hard to do, especially in “First Time Again,” Jason Aldean’s new dramatic duet with Kelsea Ballerini from his new album They Don’t Know.

Written by Jason Boyer, Michael Tyler, Blake Bollinger and Ben Stennis, the song provides a hard look at the pain one feels when a relationship comes to an end.

Singing in the first person, Aldean plays the part of the dumped, while Ballerini plays the one who leaves on a rainy night. But both hearts feel like they’re dying inside every time there is a recollection of the love they once shared. They endure endless, sleepless nights while feeling every second of the clock tick by and put on brave faces when they’re with friends. It’s a heartache that won’t let up and won’t get better.

“We weren’t really planning on that song being a duet when I recorded it originally,” Aldean revealed during our interview for CMT.com. “My producer Michael Knox and I started talking about it a little bit. We ended up trying to get her in the studio, but she was out on tour with Rascal Flatts. Fortunately, Jay DeMarcus helped us out and recorded her vocals. He sent it to us to mix, so it worked out well.”

Aldean became one of Ballerini’s new forever fans after hearing her newest No. 1 “Peter Pan” on the radio.

“I had heard her songs and I thought she had a cool voice,” he said. “But then I heard ‘Peter Pan’ and you could hear vocally what she could do. That was when it kind of turned my head a little bit. But I’ve had a chance to hang out with her some and she’s really down to Earth and cool. I was happy to have her on there.”

By the way, everything is all good in their respective relationships. Ballerini and her Aussie boyfriend Morgan Evans have been dating for six months now, and Aldean’s wife Brittany Kerr co-stars in the sunny cinematic new video for his new single “A Little More Summertime.”

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