Dierks Bentley and Family Adopt a Puppy

Everyone's Excited After Visit to Nashville Humane Association

On Tuesday night (Sept. 13), Dierks Bentley shared a video of the newest member of the his family.

They have not named her yet, but it looks like they were very happy about bringing her home from the Nashville Humane Association. Jake, Bentley’s canine sidekick of 15 years, died in July.

His oldest daughter Evie is holding the puppy, and singing, “We got a dog, we got a dog,” while Bentley explains the not-so-exhaustive process.

“In and out in about 10 minutes,” he says, “and we got a dog. We don’t have a name yet. But we got a dog.”

Allow me to be among the first to suggest a few good names: Loretta, Patsy, Tanya or Dolly.

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