Eric Church’s Vice Advice

He Shares Some Thoughts About Drinking and Smoking

Sure, Eric Church has a few vices. Just like we all do. Drinking and smoking and feasting. So I guess it should come as no surprise that he also has some pretty solid advice for how to be at your best even when you might be up to your worst.

In a conversation with Men’s Journal, he offered a few observations.

After one of those nights: “Well, the great thing about screwing up when you’re drunk is you can blame it on being drunk. Whatever you do, it’s just, ’Honey, I was drunk.’ Blame it on the booze. Even if you’re not that drunk, blame it on the booze.”

On picking your poison wisely: “Tequila and I just don’t get along. There’s certain things I can drink. Whiskey. I can drink Jack Daniel’s all night. We like each other. Tequila and I don’t like each other.”

Why he prefers edibles: “I do more of the edibles now just because the smoking part sucking for me vocally. I mean, it’s one of those things I’m not ashamed of. It’s something I enjoy. It’s escapism. I do it responsibly.”

On maintaining a healthy diet: “I think 21-year-old Eric would tell me as I approach 40 not to eat so much late-night pizza and a 12-pack of beer before you go crawl into bed and (expect it to) turn into muscle.”

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