Tim McGraw: “I Get Bored With Myself”

Variety Is Essential to Any Album

I’ve already written about almost all of the 11 tracks on Tim McGraw’s most recent album, Damn Country Music.

And I’ll be damned, now I have one more reason to put this album back on.

When it was released late last year, I fell in love with the way McGraw seamlessly goes from classic country songs (“Don’t Make Me Feel at Home,” a remake of the 1995 Wesley Dennis cheating song) to the life-lesson ballads he does so well (“Humble and Kind”).

But now McGraw himself is talking about why he insists on making albums with such a range.

“There’s a lot of variety for me, which, for an artist, is fantastic,” he said in a recent radio interview. “I get bored with myself really easily.”

For him, Damn Country Music has a little bit of everything.

“There’s music that I grew up listening to, stuff that was when I first moved to town, the kind of music that I loved,” he said. “There’s stuff that’s really progressive and pushes the envelope, and then there’s some great story songs on there that I really particularly like. I’m just really proud of this record.”

His current single “How I’ll Always Be” paints a picture of his small-town simple roots, what he is, and more importantly, what he isn’t. It was written by Chris Janson, Jamie Paulin and Jeremy Stover.