Thomas Rhett Says It’s Cool to Be Married

Happy Wife, Happy Life, Happy Fans

To know Thomas Rhett is to love him. And his wife Lauren Akins.

Akins has almost 23,000 followers on Twitter and 452,000 on Instagram. All because the couple decided early on that they were going to share their lives with the fans.

“Man, I’ll never forget,” Rhett said in a recent radio interview. “In the beginning it was just like, ‘Well, I’m married, and I’m 22. Is it cool to be married, or is it not cool to be married and a country singer?’

“And I think just in the beginning we both were like, ’This is what it’s gonna be.’ So since the beginning of our marriage, we’ve posted about our lives and about our dogs and about renovations on our house and all kinds of stuff we deal with.”

They let their fans into their life, he says, and that puts them in a pretty cool spot.

“If you get to know my wife on a personal level, or if you just know her from the pictures she posts on Instagram, you know that she’s just a good person inside and out,” he said. “And I think that it’s cool that when my fans think of me now, they also think of my wife.”

Both Akins and her husband are currently in the planning process for their fundraiser for 147 Million Orphans, a foundation that helps orphans living in poverty.

The Thomas Rhett & Friends show takes place Oct. 4 at The Old School, a restaurant and music room near Nashville. Dierks Bentley, Walker Hayes and Shane McAnally have already signed up to be there.

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