Cole Swindell Digging on Vintage Tim McGraw

Deep Tracks Show Up in His Workout Mix

Some songs are so good, they stay with you forever. And even if they never made it on to the radio, they can still make it into your workout playlist.

That seems to be the case for Cole Swindell and an old song off of a 2001 Tim McGraw album, according to a message he posted on Instagram.

“Why We Said Goodbye,” a song from McGraw’s Set This Circus Down, was written by Tom Douglas and Billy Kirsch.

Swindell’s “Broke Down” — which he wrote with Ashley Gorley and Michael Carter — opens with a reference to “old-school McGraw coming out of my doors.”

Neither song could be classified as a conventional workout song, but sometimes just hearing a song you’ve loved for 15 years can be all the motivation you need.

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