What Is Justin Timberlake Doing in Nashville?

Creative Space at Nearby Leiper's Fork Houses More Than Pants

Justin Timberlake moved to the Nashville area about a year ago, and he’s living on 126 acres in the Leiper’s Fork community.

But it sounds like he isn’t just living there to bask in the serenity and privacy that come with small-town life. He’s actually kind of doing the opposite, by hanging a virtual shingle over a renovated old home in the downtown area, which has become the creative space for his businesses — his WilliamRast clothing line and his Villa 40 artist development effort.

The space is called Millville, and according to The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville, that name comes from Millington, the Memphis suburb where Timberlake grew up.

“It’s easy to say, ’You’re just making a pair of pants,'” Timberlake says in a promotional video he made earlier this month for the William Rast denim culture brand. “But you have to rewind and talk about, ’But why are you doing it?’ You have to want something that stands the test of time.

“It’s gotta be a little bit country and it’s gotta be a little bit rock ’n’ roll at the same time,” he added.

Timberlake’s longtime friend and business partner Trace Ayala explained why Leiper’s Fork is the best place to hang their hats.

“It’s so easy to stay here and not have to leave town,” Ayala said. “We go to Puckett’s, have a couple beers, go across the street to the Country Boy and have dinner, come here and hang for a while, and then go to Green’s Grocery.”

On Saturday (Sept. 24), the two-day Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival in nearby Franklin will be kicking off, and Timberlake — a partner and producer of the fest — will likely be there checking out the music at the Park at Harlinsdale Farm.

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