Photo Scrapbook: Kellie and Kyle Take Japan

All Our Favorite Moments From Their Japanese Adventure

Thursday’s new episode of I Love Kellie Pickler was definitely the experience of a lifetime.

We joined Kellie and Kyle as they traveled to Tokyo, Japan and fully immersed themselves in the amazing Japanese culture. While their trip may be over, they left with memories to last a lifetime.

And luckily for us, we have enough pictures to last a lifetime, as well. Let’s relive some of our favorite moments from Kellie and Kyle’s Tokyo adventure.

  1. Meeting Kellie and Kyle’s Awesome Host Family

    REALITY 69_001
  2. Learning the Japanese Subway System

    REALITY 30_001
  3. Trying Japanese Food

    REALITY 22_001
  4. Kellie Singing Patsy Cline

    REALITY 38_001
    You can watch the full performance from the show here.
  5. Kellie and Kyle Dancing on the Japanese Crosswalk

    REALITY 40_001
  6. Kellie Meeting a Geisha

    REALITY 43_001
  7. Kyle Learning to Be a Ninja

    REALITY 58_001
  8. The Gang Singing Taylor Swift Karaoke

    REALITY 67_001
  9. The Hug Goodbye

    REALITY 75_001
    Goodbyes are always sad, but this one was also very sweet. We hope Taka and Kinuka come visit Kellie and Kyle soon!

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