How Kellie Pickler and Kyle Jacobs Really Feel

They're Just So GIF-able!

If you’ve been watching I Love Kellie Pickler, you know that Kellie and Kyle are anything but shy. Their priceless reactions are so great, how could we not make GIFs out of them?

We asked them how they feel when …

  1. When there’s a new episode of I Love Kellie Pickler on!

  2. When you first arrived in Japan.

  3. When you try crazy food at the market in Japan.

  4. When you come home from being on the road and Pixie meets you at the door.

  5. When you’re about to go skydiving.

  6. When Kellie does her Minnesota accent.

  7. When Kellie is behind the wheel.

  8. When we have to wait a whole week until another episode of I Love Kellie Pickler comes on.

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