How Sports Spill Into Eric Church’s Songs

Competitive Spirit Prevails

If Eric Church hadn’t become a country singer, he says he probably would’ve been a “mediocre high school basketball coach” — and an even worse teacher.

That’s hard to picture, but that’s what he says about his most likely alternate career path.

“I love the coaching aspect, and I’m a competitive person,” Church says in the latest issue of Rolling Stone.

That competitive nature comes from being the oldest kid in his family, and he thinks that streak spills over into his job as a country star.

“There’s a lot of people that play their 75 minutes and get off the stage. With this tour, I’m not afraid to play two sets in three hours,” he added of his upcoming one-man show tour.

And he has the same competitive spirit when it comes to writing songs and recording music.

“You want to make a better record than everyone. You want to write the best song. You wanna have the biggest tour. That’s just me,” he said.

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