Luke Bryan’s Unseen Moments

"You're Minnie Pearling It," Keith Urban Tells Him

OK. Maybe there are a few behind-the-scenes moments that Luke Bryan won’t be sharing with us, but this new video seems like a good start.

Bryan’s LBTV montage of the “Unseen Moments and Bloopes From 2016” has seven little moments that give you a glimpse of life on the road with him and his people.

1. Bryan tells the camera that from now on, “What happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas. It gets uploaded to the iCloud.”

2. He’s sings a “Dream On” kind of ballad, but his is about vodka and grapefruit juice.

3. Bryan threatens to spray his band and crew — and Little Big Town — with champagne.

4. During a brief moment of R&R, Bryan is on a fishing boat, singing about fishing.

5. There’s a serious conversation going on, but then Keith Urban sneaks up behind him and checks the tag on Bryan’s shirt, and tells him, “You’re Minnie Pearling it.” (For you younger fans, Country Music Hall of Fame member Minnie Pearl’s stage prop was a hat with the price tag still attached.)

6. Standing in for Bryan at one point backstage on the Kill the Lights Tour, tourmate Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town does her best Bryan imitation, saying, “What’s up, Gamecocks?”

7. After a whole tour of togetherness, Bryan and all his backstage friends salute said fellowship with a proper red Solo cup toast.

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